Forever Wild – Tiger and Exotic animal sanctuary

Forever Wild is based in the mojave high desert town of Phelan California. Did you even know they existed? Forever Wild rescues captive bread exotic animals and reptiles. You may have heard about them when the Extreme Home Makover show helped revamp their property in 2009.

Forever Wild is a non-profit organization, run by husband and wife Joel and Chemaine Almquist functioning solely on volunteer work and private donations.  The sanctuary serves as home to numerous tigers, panthers, mountain lions, servals lynx, an african lioness and various reptiles.

While it was sad to see such beautiful animals locked in cages, these cats are much better off than they had once been. Almost all of the animals have been neglected, abused, abandoned, endured painfully botched declaw surgureys, were beaten to make them more aggressive to serve as guards for drug dealers or to perform in sideshows; these animals would not be able to survive on their own. Forever Wild does a great service by providing a home and continuous care for these magnificent beasts. Never have we been so close to such powerful animals.

During our visit a playful serval scratched his back rolling around on his cage floor, an African lioness terrifyingly stalked a passerby behind us. She wanted out of that cage bad! We decided that if the lioness were to escape from the cage, we would gladly jump into a cage with one of the smaller Lynx or servals.A tiger released a ground shaking roar that contained enough bass to vibrate every bone in our bodies. We stood face to face within touching distance of a mountain lion and discussed our fear of seeing one in the wild on our hikes. Sakia a massive bengal tiger showed us tons of affection, following us and, lying down at the edge of her cage wherever we went, begging for attention.

Forever wild is located at the end of a long dirt road at 8545 Buttemere Road Phelan, CA 92371 and can be contacted at  (760) 868-2755. Do not be alarmed when you turn down Buttemere and think you have made a wrong turn. Continue down the pothole ridden road that appears to lead nowhere until you reach its end, and the Forever Wild animal sanctuary.

Contact Go Outside with any questions you may have. Have you enjoyed this trip? Got a different trip in mind to recommend? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section below!

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